Schlafly Milk Chocolate Stout

I wrote: "Schlafly Milk Chocolate Stout. No smell. Definite chocolate taste. After a couple of sips I can smell the chocolate." 11:21PM ET

This was a delicious beer. The chocolate taste was prominent, unlike the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.


Schlafly Milk Chocolate Stout

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Milk Chocolate Stout

Available Exclusively On Draft

ABV: 6.6% | IBU: 29

APPEARANCE: Dark brown
PROCESS: Milk stout infused with roasted cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla beans
HOPS: Magnum (DE)
GRAINS : Pale, Caramel, Munich, Roasted Barley, Carafa, Brown Sugar, Lactose
YEAST: English Ale
OG: 17.9
SRM: 58
Our Milk Chocolate Stout is a Sweet Stout brewed with milk sugar for a creamier texture. The brew is aged on roasted gourmet Guitard cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla beans for a rich, sweet treat. The low hop content of the brew gives the chocolate flavors the lead in this twist on the traditional stout.

Sweet Stouts, also known as Milk Stouts, were originally thought to be extremely nutritious and were at one time given to nursing mothers with the claim that they had a similar nutritional content to milk. After WWII, the British government banned the word “milk” to be used in reference to alcohol, and brewers started calling their creations "Sweet Stout".

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