New Belgium Summer Helles

New Belgium Summer Helles is clear and has a light yellow color. Moreover, it almost looked like water while I was pouring it.

As for on the nose, Summer Helles smells like grapefruit. Actually, it kind of smells like a lager.In fact, it tastes like a light lager.

Well, it all makes sense, because the Summer Helles is in fact a lager! Its quite light and easier to drink than most other lagers I've had.

While I've never really been a fan of lagers, I would recommend the Summer Helles to anyone looking for a good, solid lager.

Note, this beer tastes awful when warm.

New Belgium Summer Helles

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Summer Helles


Light, bright and easy drinking, now is your chance to drink in the festival season. First brewed to celebrate 40 years of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, it has since become Planet Bluegrass’ signature New Belgium offering (under the name Summer Bliss). This Summer Helles pours a brilliant gold, with soft, white foam. The aroma is fresh grains and honey with a spicy-herbal twang. This danceable lager carries the pleasant sweetness of pale and German Pils malts, and levels off with the light and noble bitterness of Hallertau and Tettnang hops. Summer Helles finishes crisp and dry, and is sure to refresh even the thirstiest reveler. Grab your banjo, crack a bottle and let the pickin’ shine.

Planet Bluegrass (located in Lyons, Colorado) was decimated by September 2013's record flooding. New Belgium is donating $10,000 this year to Planet Bluegrass for rebuilding. You can help by volunteering or donating. Visit for more information.


VISUAL Bright gold color with a slight sheen and a nice white foam.
AROMA Fresh grains, herbaceous and spicy noble hops, sweet corn & honey (think honeycomb cereal), flinty lager sulfurs.
FLAVOR Grassy sweet cereals upfront, evened out with a mild spicy hop bitterness.
MOUTHFEEL Crisp with a subtle dryness, lingering pleasant lager finish.
BODY Light body yet substantial, very sessionable.


ABV 5.0
IBU 31
YEAST Lager yeast
HOPS Target, Tettnang, Hallertau
MALTS Pale, Schill Pils

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