Liquid Cocaine

My original draft post listed the following three liquors beneath "Liquid Cocaine": Cinnamon Schnapp, Goldschlager, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. However, I looked up recipes for Liquid Cocaine (20180704) and couldn't find any which used the three together. Furthermore, Goldschlager is a cinnamon schnapp.

Four glasses of Liquid Cocaine. (10:41 PM)

With that being said, the above photo resembles pictures of layered Liquid Cocaine on the internet. By color, I'm certain the black liquid at the top of the drink is neither Captain Morgan nor Goldschlager; it's probably not cinnamon schnapps either (if I wasn't already referring to the Goldschlager in my draft post). At this point, I would safely assume the dark liquid is Jägermeister.

In any case, I wrote the following: "GOOD, will miss."*

*[20180724] I have no idea what I meant by "will miss."

[20180704][Part of Mixed Drinks at Dave & Buster's]

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