Hakushika Fresh and Light Namachozo Sake

While having lunch with my friend Harry at Niwana, I order and enjoy a nice little bottle sake.

I wrote: "Hakushika Namachozo. This sake is simple and doesn't burn of alcohol. Actually, it doesn't taste at all like alcohol. In particular, it roughly reminds me of unsweetened lychee juice." 1:13PM ET

Hakushika Fresh and Light Namachozo Sake

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Website Information:
Fresh and Light
Namachozo Sake

Made by a brief aging period and pasteurization right before bottling, Fresh and Light Namachozo is characterized by a refreshingly cool aroma and mild taste.

Type: Junmai Namachozo
Alc/Vol: 13.3%
Rice Polishing Rate: 70%
Rice Varieties: Nihonbare and other domestic rice varieties
Nihon Shudo (Sake Meter): +3 (dry)
Serving Temperature: Well-chilled

Food Pairing:
Excellent for pairing with Japanese pub "izakaya" style casual cuisine including edamame, tofu (chilled tofu with leek "hiyayakko" and deep fried tofu "agedashi tofu"), deep-fried chicken karaage, gyoza, robatayaki skewers and sashimi. Also excellent for pairing with Asian salads, carpaccio, and spicy sushi rolls.

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