Red Stripe

I wrote: "[...] [Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic] Red Stripe Jamaican Lager. 11.2 oz. Nice and easy soft taste. Had once or twice before." 6:37PM ET


It's movie night and the movie theme is capoeira! We watched Only the Strong (1993) and Besouro (2009).


Wikipedia says that the bottle sizes in the U.S. were decreased from 12 oz. bottles to 11.2 oz. bottles in 2010. In any case, I had my Red Stripe from the bottle.

I wrote: "Red Stripe. Nice flavor. I've had it before. One of my favorites."


This Red Stripe tasted okay at the start, but by the end, when it was warmer, I was enjoying it less. 4:59PM PT

Red Stripe

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Red Stripe Jamaican Lager has a refreshing taste, perfectly balancing malty-sweet and lightly hoppy flavors. The result is a lager that’s crisp, clean and easy to drink. Red Stripe is moderate in body, bitterness, hop aroma and has a low butterscotch flavor. 4.7% ABV
Available in 11.2oz bottles in 6 pack & 12 pack. Also available in a 24oz bottle.

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