Pickle Back

The batizado here in New York was great. Now it's time for the fun and dancing. But first, we make a quick stop at a bar for a quick shot. A few of us were in for a surprise, for we had not tried this shot before, and those that knew wouldn't tell us what it was about. I guess they were afraid we wouldn't try it if we knew.

The drink is a shot of whiskey (many recipes call for Jameson Irish whiskey) followed by a shot of pickle juice. It tasted great.


They have pickle backs here at Hooters! Remembering the great taste from several years back, I convinced my friend to try it. Unfortunately, they gave us more than a shot worth of pickle juice and I was too inexperienced to realize that just a shot worth of pickle juice would have tasted better.

I wrote the following: "Pickle back. A bit much pickle juice. Still good though." 11:31PM PT

Menu Description:
GET PICKLED Jameson Irish Whiskey with a pickle juice back


Pickle Back

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