Molson Canadian

For some reason, I don't have a note of my impression of Molson Canadian.

I sort of remember thinking the beer was flavorless and watery, though I might have been influenced by other people's impression of the beer as well.

Regardless, I don't have a positive lingering impression of the beer and probably wouldn't try it again. I suppose I would be open to tasting someone else's Molson Canadian.

Remark: The beer is categorized on as an American Adjunct Lager. Beers I've had on BA's top American Adjunct Lager list are Red Stripe Jamaican Lager (Rank 33), Simpler Times Lager (Rank 39), and National Bohemian Beer (Rank 40).


Molson Canadian

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Website Information: (The Canadian Website)
Barley to malt and the aroma hop.
Danish barley was destined to become the essential ingredient in our beer. Harvested, quality checked, and cared for, the resulting malt is the essence and importantly, the only grain used to make Carlsberg premium quality malt beer.

Hops provide the spice in beer and the hop plant is grown solely for its use in brewing. Only the unseeded cone of the female plant is used in making Carlsberg’s aroma hop—and this is what provides the deliciously distinctive fruity and flowery taste of Carlsberg.

How It's Made:
The Carlsberg experience.
Without good yeast, you don’t get a great beer—and Carlsberg’s is exceptional. In the late 1800s the head of the Carlsberg Brewing laboratory, Emil Christian Hansen, pioneered a groundbreaking method for propagating pure yeast. His discovery, and the resulting yeast, aptly named “Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis”, would revolutionize the brewing industry. In fact, his innovations were so important that Carlsberg chose to share the results with the world. To this day, whenever and wherever you enjoy a lager, there’s probably a little Carlsberg in it.

When it comes to bringing the beer to you, the unique taste of Carlsberg is just too complex to be measured by machinery. That’s why we regularly have specially trained Carlsberg staff taste and approve samples from various breweries through blindfold testing. We know that there is no substitute for real taste buds.

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