Carlsberg Beer

I faintly remember that the Carlsberg wasn't as plain as the Molson Canadian. With that being said, I would be hesitant to try it again. I suppose I would be open to tasting someone else's Carlsberg Beer.

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Carlsberg Beer

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Carlsberg is light, easy drinking and refreshing. The all malt recipe and Carlsberg yeast strain gives a balance between body and depth of flavour, making Carlsberg the ideal choice for any occasion.

Carlsberg is a Pilsner style lager originating from Copenhagen, Denmark. J.C Jacobsen, our founder, brewed Denmark's first ever pint using a yeast that became the basis for many modern-day imitations. In fact, almost all modern-day lagers are derived from the original yeast, Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis, used to brew Carlsberg.

Enjoy the perfect pint of Carlsberg at home or in the pub! Carlsberg is available in bottles, cans and on draught. Or if you prefer your pint extra cold Carlsberg Extra Cold is also available on draught.

Always enjoy Carlsberg responsibly

Typical values per 100ml

Alc. vol %: 3.8
Energy: 32 kcal
Carbohydrate: 2.0 g
Fat: Trace
Fibre: Nil

Carlsberg Export
Carlsberg Export is a clean tasting, premium lager with continental characteristics.

Carlsberg Export is a premium strength lager, 5% ABV, with a refined and satisfying taste. Brewed to the original Danish recipe, it has deep malty notes and a distinct bitterness that generate a full flavoured beer.

Carlsberg Export is available in cans, bottles and on draught. If you enjoy your premium beer chilled, then the perfect choice is Carlsberg Export Extra Cold, available on draught and served a few degrees colder than standard lagers. Carlsberg Export was the first leading premium lager to be available in Extra Cold and has been perfected to keep you cool on a hot summers day or when watching a closely fought football match.

Always enjoy Carlsberg Export responsibly

Typical values per 100ml

Alc. vol%: 5.0
Energy: 42 kcal
Carbohydrate: 2.8 g
Fat: Trace
Fibre: Nil

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