Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

An error was drinking this beer from the bottle and not from a glass. Probably missed out on all the aromas and such. Oh well. I recall not liking the taste, but I don't have any record of my thoughts.

I found the record of my thoughts.* It was hiding as a draft text message. I wrote:
"Raspberry Shock Top smelled good. Tastes alright. Actually weird tasting. Verging on bad. At least bad aftertaste. Apricot Sea Dog is much better."

[20110602][*20110604 Edit]

I wrote: "I can smell the raspberry as I pour. I rolled the bottle, but I didn't produce a nice thick collar of foam. First sip was alright. But the second sip was terrible." 2:20 AM
I wrote: "Somehow I'm able to keep sipping the beer but find it disgusting. Yeah... The aromas are nice, but the taste isn't. Maybe the aftertaste is okay. Overall avoid this beer." 2:31 AM
Perhaps the taste doesn't linger long, making short sips of the beer acceptable.

I poured this much down the drain.


Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

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Website Information:
Introduced: March, 2011
Beer Style: Belgian-style wheat ale
Taste Profile: Shock Top Raspberry Wheat has the refreshing and smooth taste of Shock Top Belgian White, with a hint of raspberry flavor.
IngredientsBrewing: Shock Top Raspberry Wheat is brewed with ingredients including wheat malt, coriander, citrus peels and wild raspberry flavor.
How to Serve: Shock Top Raspberry Wheat is best enjoyed in a tall, wide-mouthed glass that will showcase its foam head.
Product/Packaging Details: Available in six-packs and on draught, Shock Top Raspberry Wheat is 5.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).
Further Information: Visit

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