DuClaw 31

I wrote: "DuClaw 31. Spicy. Self-described Halloween beer. I liked it." 12:55 AM

I was fortunate to get a sip or two of C.K.'s DuClaw 31. While it was good, I wouldn't want to drink an entire 22 oz. bottle by myself.


DuClaw 31

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Website Information:

Scary Spice

A crisp, medium bodied Spiced Munich Dunkel. This German-style copper-colored lager tricks you with its smooth, malty taste and moderate 5.1% abv, then treats your palate with a spicy finish of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin.

Style: Spiced Munich Dunkel
Color: Dark Amber
Hop Variety: Goldings
Grains: Munich, Cara Aroma and Wheat malts
Bitterness: 24 BU's
Gravity: 14 plato
Alcohol Content: 5.2% abv
On Tap: Seasonal

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