Black Velvet (Guinness and Champagne)

I wrote: "I only smell the champagne, not the Guinness. Yum. Somehow the champagne is right there for the taste. Maybe from the bubbles. Similar to cider. Snakebite good." 12:52 PM

Legends at Notre Dame had a list of mixes with Guinness:
Black & Tan (Guinness & Pale Ale) $5.50
Half & Half (Guinness & Harp) $5.50
Black Velvet (Guinness & Champagne) $5.50
Blacksmith (Guinness & Smithwicks) $5.50
Black Knight (Guinness & Upland Wheat) $5.50
Snakebite (Guinness & Cider) $5.50


My friends and I went to Bond Street Social where I started the night out with peach schnapps on the rocks topped with soda water. After finishing, I ordered a glass of Guinness & champagne. I recall it tasting decently good. Next my friends and I had a shot (fuzzy navel).


Black Velvet (Guinness and Champagne)

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Note: The Black and Tan ( article lists the Black Velvet as Guinness and cider.

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