Snowdrift Cider Cornice

~I'm not a beer. I'm a cider.~

This third cider taster had a beige color, but lighter than the first one.

Snowdrift Cider Cornice - 5 oz glass, full

It smelled more like apple juice than the others. Perhaps my nose had adjusted.

The cider had a non-cider flavor. It's probably a flavor imparted by the brandy barrel. Regardless, it's positively delicious.

At this point, I'd be willing to pretend it tasted like grape juice. 9:11PM PT

Although the brandy one was good, when I returned to the Seattle Cider Pumpkin Spice, I decided that I liked it better. 9:21PM PT

After finishing the Washington Gold Cider, I returned to Snowdrift Cider Cornice and I had realized that it tasted like a champagne. I was, furthermore, going to remark that it was dry like champagne, but then I looked up from the glass and I saw it was classified as a dry cider.

Then again, I did jot down "Brandy Barrel Aged Dry Cider" in my phone, so it could have entered my subconcious mind. In any case, I ultimately liked the Pumpkin Spice best. 9:28PM PT

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Snowdrift Cider Cornice

Snowdrift Cider Cornice - 5 oz glass, half full

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Website Information:
Barrel-Aged Cornice

In our region, winter winds whip layers of snow into majestic formations called cornices. They hang in a gravity-defying balance, ready to cascade at any moment into a rushing avalanche. We wanted to craft a cider to carry these traits… So we aged cider in oak barrels, knitting tannins and aromas into an avalanche of flavors. Notes of bourbon vanilla, fall fruit and toffee coalesce in this off-dry cider.

This cider's smooth complexity and luscious vanilla-toffee notes pair well with grilled meets, pulled pork, bacon-wrapped dates, as well as rich desserts. Alcohol 7.5% by volume.

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