Goose Island Matilda

For some reason, I can't find my instant comments on the Goose Island Matilda (or the Black Market Hefeweizen). Though it seems several of my messages this summer have been arriving late and perhaps some of them aren't arriving at all. There's also the possibility some messages are getting deleted in my pocket before they're even sent.

Left to Right: Goose Island Matilda, Black Market Hefeweizen,
Eagle Rock Populist IPA, Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter

I recall this beer was refreshing and the photos suggest that before leaving, it was good enough to chug, as opposed to the Black Market Hefeweizen. However, the fact that the IPA, which I wrote to be disgusting, is also gone is mind-boggling.

Note that I was at my limit with alcohol, but couldn't pass on getting the beer flight. As such I insisted that the people I was with have sips and didn't want to leave any beer to waste. Of course after leaving the bar and before entering the car, I made sure to vomit in a nearby bush. Better in the bush than in my friend's car.



Goose Island Matilda

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Matilda (Goose Island Website)
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Website Information:
Brewer's Notes:
Wild in character, with a slightly fruity aroma and a spicy yeast flavor that is as unique as it is satisfying – Matilda is an intriguing choice for beer and wine lovers alike. Dry and quenching, it’s the perfect accompaniment at the dining table or for casually socializing at the bar.

Style: Belgian Style Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 7%
International Bitterness Units: 32
Color: Golden Sunrise
Hops: Styrian, Saaz
Malts: 2-Row, Caramel

Serving Suggestions:
Preferred Glass: Wide Mouth Glass
Food Pairings: Matilda pairs with many foods. Its spicy yeast flavors complement fresh mussels and contrast rich pork belly.
Cheese Pairings: Camembert, Washed Rind Cheeses
Cellaring Notes: Develops in the bottle for up to 5 years

Availability: Year Round | Bottles: 4pks, 650mL | Draft: 1/6 & 1/2bbl

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