RJ Rockers Black Perle

I wrote: "Nice head on top. Chocolate smell. Definite chocolate taste with a nice spicy kick at the end. RJ Rockers Black Perle. Has a slight tinge to it like that of strong beer." 11:14 PM
I wrote: "To clarify, 'a nice spicy kick' refers to the alcoholic spice."

RJ Rockers Black Perle

My second and last beer of the night here at Alewife. From my instant comments, I would guess I enjoyed it. It seems that the beer is "like that of strong beer" because it is! Apparently it's alcohol content is 9.5% ABV.


RJ Rockers Black Perle

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Black Perle - empty glass on the right; probably Saison du BUFF (Victory) - empty glass on the left

Website Information:
The first release in the "Ales from the Dark Side" series...A dark, roasted twist on the traditional IPA that uses an absurd amount of malt and is "octo-hopped" with the German Perle hop. The biggest beer in the RJ Rockers linup to date.
9.5% abv

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