Brewer's Art Ozzy

I wrote: "The Ozzy is bitter, hoppy, and good. There's an orange taste to it. 7.25% ABV. Yeah, that's a delicious bitterness. On the downside, it leaves a bad aftertaste." 11:10PM ET


Today I got a flight of the House Beers on draft.

For the Ozzy I wrote the following:
"This beer has a light smell and taste. It tastes like a blonde ale and has a citrus flavor. It reminds me of Blue Moon." 10:28PM ET
"[Last sip:] Ahhhh, that refreshing Ozzy (Belgian-style)." 11:15PM ET

[Part of Beer Flight at The Brewer's Art]

Brewer's Art Ozzy

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Website Information: (20121221)
Our answer to the Belgian «devil» beers (i.e. Lucifer, Duvel, etc.). Both rich and dry, this beer is all too easy to consume in large quantities. Hopped with Styrian Goldings. 7.25%abv

Menu Description: (20140310)
Our tribute to the «Devil» beers of Belgium. This beer is light in color with a full flavor and dry finish. Be careful, as it may sneak up on you. 7.25% ABV

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