Samuel Adams Dunkelweizen

I wrote: "Dunkelweizen. Samuel Adams. It has a lemon sort of flavor. I like it. It's refreshing." 4:15PM ET


Samuel Adams Dunkelweizen

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Website Information:
Flavor: Caramel and toasted malt notes integrated with the traditional German weizen beer fermentation aromas of clove and banana.
Color: Dark amber brown, 20 SRM
Original Gravity: 12.6° Plato
Alcohol by Vol/Wt: 5.1%ABV – 4.0%ABW
Calories/12 oz.: 168
IBUs: 13
Malt Varieties: Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, malted wheat, Carawheat® malt, and Carafa® malt
*Carafa® and Carawheat® are registered trademarks of Weyermann Malt, Bamburg, Germany
Hop Variety: Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops
Yeast Strain: W-68 ale yeast
Availability: Seasonal (Aug. - Oct) in the Harvest Collection Variety Pack
First Brewed: 2009

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