Samuel Adams Maple Pecan Porter

Today I had the beer and noted the following:
A: The beer is dark in color. Holding it up to the light (incandescent), it appears red.
S: This beer has a malty, chocolate smell.
T: The initial taste is smooth and I detect chocolate.
M: There is almost no carbonation and past the initial tasting, the beer seems to leave a coat of sugar in the mouth, the initial chocolate taste subsides.

After these notes, I read the bottle description which says the following: "Sweet New England maple syrup and a distinct pecan note define this balanced porter. The roasted character of our blend of malts complements the maple sweetness with hints of coffee and chocolate. Reddish-black in color, this full-bodied brew has a sweet and slightly nutty finish. Cheers! Jim Koch"

Overall, I enjoyed the beer and would recommend it to others.

Samuel Adams Maple Pecan Porter

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Website Information:
Samuel Adams
Maple Pecan Porter

Maple Pecan Porter is a full-bodied Porter with notes of sweet Vermont maple syrup and a subtle pecan character. It passes through flavors of each, from an initial maple note, to the roasted character of coffee and chocolate, to a sweet and slightly tangy nutty finish.

HOP VARIETIES East Kent Goldings
MALT VARIETIES Samuel Adams® two-row pale malt blend, Caramel 60, Munich, and Carafa
YEAST STRAIN Top-fermenting Ale
COLOR Reddish Black, SRM: 48
ALC. BY VOL/WT 5.6%ABV - 4.4%ABW
IBUs 30

- Real Vermont maple syrup is added during brewing to provide a sweet taste.
- The blend of malts coupled with maple syrup provides rich, classic characteristics with hints of roasted coffee and vanilla, though no coffee or vanilla were added to this brew.

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