Drake's Denogginizer

I'm here at Ritter's Steam Kettle Cooking and I decide to get a Drake's Denogginizer. This beer has a fresh, hoppy, pale ale smell. As an odd note, I correlate this smell with a stuffy nose.

Drake's Denogginizer (20150402)

In any case, I find it has a similar to the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. It has a balanced taste and little to no bitterness. 7:43PM PT

It has an orange color with a slightly red hue.

The final sip was nice, again with no bitterness. I would mention, however, that the spiciness of the food made the beer taste a little spicy. 9:14PM PT

The Denogginizer had a grassy bitter taste. 11:57PM PT

Drake's Denogginizer - Bottle (20150906)

Drake's Denogginizer

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Website Information:

Drake's Denogginizer (20150402)

An Imperial India Pale Ale. Denogginizer is a big, bold beer hopped with an abundant amount of dank, citrusy American hops. Crystal malts add color and a subtle caramel malt flavor that helps balance out the immense hop dosings in this monster Imperial IPA. Enjoy the boldness of the citrus and resinous hops, but please remember: Hold on to your head. Available Year Round.


In January of 2004, Drake’s brewers sought to create a beer to turn some heads. They crafted a massive Imperial IPA with a full body, smooth malt backbone, and an utterly irresponsible amount of pungent, dank, American hops. After three weeks in the tanks and one minor incident involving a pressure relief valve jettisoning across the cellar and nearly decapitating a brewer, a beer, and its name, were born. Citizens be warned, even without a tank valve careening at high speeds, Denogginizer has been know to blow a few minds.

Malt: American 2-Row Barley, Patagonia Crystal 55
Hops: Bittering- Bravo; Whirlpool- Cascade & Chinook
Dry-hop: Cascade, Chinook, HBC 342
Yeast: White Labs 001
Original Gravity: 19.8 degrees Plato
Alc/Vol: 9.75%
IBUs: 90

Bronze- Imperial IPA, California State Fair 2013
Winner Good Food Awards 2011
Silver 2009 Great American Beer Festival

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