Almanac Saison Dolores

Almanac Saison Dolores

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20160608: [20160623]
The beer had an orange color and a banana or bready smell. Meanwhile, the taste was slightly bitter with some grassy notes. Finally, a dry mouthfeel. thick in the mouth after drinking. 4:51PM PT

When the carbonation had gone, the beer dominantly had a sour taste. I supposed there was also a slight peppery taste somewhere in there.* Or possibly something that tastes like cloves - though perhaps I'm simply starting to think everything has cloves in it. 6:05PM PT

*I was on the right track! According to the beer's description, there is, in fact, a "spicy white pepper" flavor in the beer.

Website Description:
Saison Dolores

6.8% ABV | Draft & 22oz Bottles

Saison Dolores is a bright, aromatic brew for all seasons inspired by San Francisco’s Mission District. We combine barley, rye and Sonoran Wheat grown in Mendocino County and ferment the beer with our house Saison yeast. Finally we dry hop it to create a California Saison with flavors of spicy white pepper, fruity melon and a clean food friendly finish.

Enjoy this lively aromatic farmhouse ale with fresh seafood, funky washed rind cheeses and classic French-style charcuterie.

Fresh Beer

Our Fresh Beer Series delivers the best in farm fresh beer. Big flavors, bold yeast characters and huge hop aromas reflect our rich California agricultural bounty. Every beer is brewed, packaged and shipped with an eye towards maximum freshness. All of our Fresh Beers are designed to pair with a wide variety of cuisine—so enjoy a pour of The Golden State’s most flavorful beer.

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