Bootlegger's Plum Riot

Bootlegger's Plum Riot

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20160501: [20160518]
Today my friend and I went to Iron Press, split two flights of beer and a sandwich. Among the eight beers, I started off with what I believed to be the lightest (mainly with respect to bitterness).

1a. The beer had a cloudy orange appearance.

2a. The Plum Riot smelled like a pale ale. The taste had a slight bitterness, and yet the beer was refreshing. Before I moved on, I noted the possibility of a pineapple smell. 5:39PM PT

3. After tasting each of the eight beers, I ate the food before giving the beers a final pass.

4c. For the final pass, I started with the Plum Riot third, after the Berliner Weisse and Cherry Sour. The beer tasted like a slightly smoother pale ale; it was easier to drink. Also, I don't know about before, but by now there was no noticeable carbonation. 6:28PM PT

4h. Being delegated to drink slightly more of the remaining beers, I had one more sip of the Plum Riot during the final pass.

It finished nicely and there was a discerning sugar taste. 6:34PM PT

Website Information:

7.8% ABV, 10.8 IBU

For too long the plum has played second fiddle to more prestigious fruits. Biding their time in angry passage, the raging plum flavors have been plotting an uprising for centuries. The time and place for such a revolt is now. With the release of the cork, the first wave of plum flavors will attack your nose leaving nothing but the mark of their sweet and tart aromas. As this effervescent beer enters your mouth, the second wave strikes as the plum notes pummel and pillage your taste buds, surrounding them with an assault of flavor that demands respect. The age of the plum has finally arrived!

Style: Belgian Double
Available in bottles: 22 oz, 12 pack
Available in kegs: 15.5, 5.2 gal

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