Santiam Bluegrass Stout

While Ada waited in line for Voodoo Doughnut, I sought out beer at Bailey's Taproom.

Santiam Bluegrass Stout - full 4 oz

I started with Santiam Bluegrass Stout, $3 for 4 oz ($7 for 7 oz). It's described as an imperial stout with coconut, barrel-aged bourbon. Salem, OR. 10%.

I smelled alcoholic fumes. There was some carbonation. It had a sour taste.

It tasted great. Anyone who enjoys beer with a sour taste will likely enjoy it as well. I especially appreciated the lighter, sour taste, because I have not had many beers recently.

The beer had a brown color in the light. 7:10PM PT

Santiam Bluegrass Stout - nearly empty glass

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Santiam Bluegrass Stout

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An Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months. Dark, smooth, slightly roasty with complex nuances from the barrel aging.

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