Santiam Diabolus

After the Sixpoint C.R.E.A.M., I had time for one more beer. I was eyeing the Santium Diabolus, $3 for 4 oz ($7 for 12 oz). It was described as a Belgian-style tripel, barrel aged (Kentucky bourbon). Salem, OR. 10%.

Santiam Diabolus - nearly empty glass

Uncertain if I would like the beer, I first got a sample of it. I liked the sample, and I got the 4 oz pour.

It had a floral smell. It might have smelled like plum. It might have smelled like a red wine.

It had a cloudy orange color.

It had a bitter taste and a dry finish. The beer tasted different from the initial sample. I had supposed the beer's lingering bitterness was beginning to alter the flavor.

Santiam Diabolus - nearly empty glass, top-down view

It had a medium amount of carbonation. Furthermore, the lingering dryness was becoming more and more apparent.

Thinking about the color, I decided it had less of an orange color and more of a yellow color.

Finishing the beer, I thought it had a flavor similar to coriander but definitely not coriander. Perhaps the beer was just hoppy. Though it was definitely not grassy.

Maybe it tasted the way a tripel should taste. 7:10PM PT

Santiam Diabolus - empty glass, lacing

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Santiam Diabolus

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Trappist Style Tripel. Belgian candi sugar and barrel aging lend a spicy character with fruity esters and a touch of oak. Dark golden color, dry with a light-medium mouth feel. Straight from the barrels - unfiltered.

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