Shiner Light Blonde

I had trouble describing this beer.* It was definitely not a pale ale like the Fire Ant Funeral I had earlier. In the end, it could only describe it as it was named: a light blonde. It tasted okay. 8:06PM CT

*I haven't had so many beers lately so it is harder to describe the ones I have.
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Shiner Light Blonde*
*Shiner Spezial Leicht

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Website Information:
Light Blonde

Shiner Light Blonde is light done right. Don't ask us how we packed so much flavor into just 99 calories - we're not telling.

The perfect complement to a really well-tied rope swing.

First Brewed: 2011 | ABV: 4.2% | Bitterness: 9 IBU
Available Year-Round in Bottles, Cans & Draft
Avg. Analysis Per 12 fl. oz.: Calories 99 | Carbohydrates 3.8g | Protein .7g | Fat 0g

Bronze - 2013 Australian International Beer Awards

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