Wasatch Jalapeno Cream Ale

This jalapeño cream ale had a jalapeño smell and a clear orange color.

The beer also had a nice, subtle spiciness - sometimes a little more than subtle, but still good.

While I'm not a fan of cream ales, the spiciness of the jalapeno made an essential contribution to the flavor which I enjoyed.

The creaminess was light, and the taste was not as strong as that of a cream soda. 12:34 PM

I found that intermittently sipping on the beer was the best way to enjoy the subtle spicy flavor.

Wasatch Jalapeno Cream Ale

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Menu Description:
Jalapeno Cream Ale - Wasatch 4% ABV-ON TAP $4
Brewed with jalapenos for a kick of spice mellowed with a hint of vanilla
(Try a Sample $.25)

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