Drake's Electric Owl

When I poured the beer into the glass, the glass filled with foam.

The glass (right) was practically all foam when I first poured it. 

It had a coffee taste. Actually, it was malty. It had a decent taste. 7:49PM PT

A light tap of the bottle on the kitchen counter caused it to foam over.

All the excessive head was weird.

In any case, the beer was a blend of bitterness and malty flavor. I'm not sure if I liked it.

I placed the bottle down on the counter and it foamed over.

In a rush to head out for New Years Eve, I was drinking this 22 oz. bottle fairly quickly. 8:01PM PT

I'm not sure. As I came close to finishing the beer - with an estimate one to two ounces having gone down the drain as foam - I felt full and tipsy, but also overwhelmed by the total amount of sugar.

While a single sip was not overly sweet, drinking so much in a short time was excessively malty (taking into account my weight and my infrequent consumption of alcohol). 8:14PM PT

What a mess.

Finally, I drank the last of it, and overall it was too bitter - perhaps because I drank it too quickly.

With that being said, it served as a good pre-game. And at least it had plenty of maltiness. It would have been a great bottle to share three or more ways. 8:20PM PT

[20180305 Edit]

All gone.

Drake's Electric Owl

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Right side of the label/bottle.
Left side of the label/bottle.

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