Coronado Early Bird

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(C) This stout had a stout smell. It had a delicious, toasty flavor.

It was a great beer in every aspect; it exceeded every expectation I had for a milk stout. 6:39PM PT

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(E) The milk stout, in comparison to the Stingray and Guava Islander, had no discernible bitterness. It was also malty. 7:02PM PT

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(H) This beer tasted like coffee, which is an appropriate observation, because it turns out this beer is a mocha stout. I was going to point out the coffee taste earlier (than this note) but I had doubted myself.

It was a good stout. 7:14PM PT

Finally, I reached the final sips for all the beers - though finishing them was a chore because I was so full. The milk stout was solid.

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Coronado Early Bird

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Coronado Stingray Imperial IPA, Coronado Guava Islander, and Coronado Early Bird

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Bird is the word.

Enjoy a cold brew experience beyond your morning expectations.

ABV: 5.5%

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