Coronado Guava Islander IPA

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(B) This beer had a sweet smell. 6:01PM PT

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(D) I came back to the Guava Islander IPA after finishing half of the Early Bird. It tasted sweet like the smell. Though it was technically bitter, relative to the Stingray Imperial IPA and Early Bird, it wasn't.

While it should taste like guava, it reminded me of eating a tangerine.

On a different note, the smell remained amazing.

The beer was extremely bitter. 6:53PM PT

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(G) Relative to the Stingray, the Guava Islander was sweet.

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(J) The final sip of the Guava Islander was sweet without being bitter. It was great. 7:30PM PT

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Coronado Guava Islander IPA

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Coronado Stingray Imperial IPA, Coronado Guava Islander, and Coronado Early Bird

Website Information:
Guava Islander
A Tropical Twist.

Tropical fruit meets tropical vibes in this “guavacated” version of our Islander IPA. Brewed with the classic West Coast combo of Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops, this beer gets the tropical treatment with a hefty dose of fresh guava puree. The result is a surprisingly smooth, unfiltered IPA bursting with tropical goodness that’s sure to put you in that island state of mind.

ABV: 7.0% | IBU: 65

12oz Cans | 22oz
Bottles | Draft

Food Pairings:
Fish Tacos w/ Garlic
French Fries

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