Irish Coffee

The essential components of an Irish Coffee are coffee, sugar, (Jameson) Irish whiskey, and topped with (slightly) whipped (heavy) cream.

It's early in the morning, but the drink has coffee in it!

Irish Coffee (20100319)

I'm sure I have notes written somewhere, but I figured I at least post the picture.


Writing this stub today (20180712), I'm surprised to find notes which lack the minimal amount of information to say anything. While this still occurs from time to time, the relative occurrence is lower.

(probably) Irish Coffee (20101214)

In fact, these notes don't even indicate what I ordered to drink!

Note @ 3:57 PM ET:
SSP America
BWI Airport, MD
(410) 691-2515


In any case, I'm guessing it's an Irish Coffee, because I'm at "Shannon's Irish Pub" and it kind of looks like one.

Furthermore, knowing me, I must have decided to get it after having it for the first time earlier in the year (20100319).


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