Remy Martin XO Excellence

On the rocks.

While I've enabled myself to make decent descriptions on how I think beers taste, I haven't tasted a enough spirits to describe nor fully appreciate the different types, flavors, and other genre-specific qualities.

I thought the taste of the cognac was stronger than the taste of either two whiskeys I drank yesterday. In particular, I believe the strength is in the taste, not the alcoholic content.

As a stronger statement (no pun intended), the taste of the cognac was tastier than the taste of either two whiskeys I tried yesterday.

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Remy Martin XO Excellence

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Remy Martin XO Excellence
XO Excellence stands out as the pinnacle of contemporary luxury, savored by discerning cognac drinkers from Moscow to Los Angeles and from Paris to Shanghai. Celebrated worldwide for its opulent aromas and sumptuous velvet textures, XO Excellence sets new heights in cognac sophistication.

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