Cerveza Pacífico Clara

Cerveza Pacífico Clara. 12 fl oz bottle. $3.25 @ Chipotle.


I wrote: "This beer is light. It has a nice taste. I like the taste of Pacífico more than the taste of Bud Light."


Today I came to Mario's with my friends Josh and Arash. While the beer choices here were slim, I decided to go ahead and order a glass of Pacífico.

I wrote: "Pacífico. This beer is light. Note that I squeezed a lemon in and I don't know how it tastes without one." 10:03PM PT



I wrote: "This Pacífico doesn't taste very interesting without any lime." 5:41PM PT

In hindsight, I would note that I drank the Pacífico after a Lagunitas IPA, which would have severely reduced any tastes the already light taste Pacífico would have had.


Today, for happy hour, I decided to start with a Pacífico. However, I only noted that it was alright. Afterwards I had a Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA.


Cerveza Pacífico Clara


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Website Information:
As of 20140906, the Pacífico website (http://www.pacificoclara.com/) was up, but I couldn't find any information other than the different available bottle sizes.
The Wikipedia.org page says it is a Mexican pilsner-style beer and the ABV is 4.5%.

Website Information (Grupo Modelo Website):
Pacífico is a beer with a long tradition in Mexico and is Grupo Modelo's leading brand in northeastern Mexico. It is a pilsner, clear beer with a refreshing, smooth taste. Pacífico was first brewed in Mazatlán, Mexico and Grupo Modelo began exporting it to the western and southern US in 1985, with great results. Pacífico is currently the fifteenth most popular imported brand in the US.

Pacífico is the best choice for people who like to share with their friends, enjoying what has come to be known as the "Pacífico lifestyle".

Pacífico was born in the early 20th Century and it is brewed mainly in the Cervecería del Pacífico plant, in the city of Mazatlán, in the state of Sinaloa.

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