Heavy Seas Gold Ale

Since I was at the movie theatres, the server poured the beer from the bottle into a plastic cup.

The beer tasted like one I've had before, but I didn't know which one it taste like. It was not, however, amazingly good, so it wasn't worth trying to recall the familiarity.

Note: Being new to tasting beers, I've been leaving out two critical steps to drinking beer. The first is smelling the beer and the second is drinking it out of a glass. As such, I've only had a fraction of the full experience among all the beers I've had up until now! On the bright side, at least some of them have been out of a glass.

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I wrote: "Had Charlie Brown from Chowhound Burger with Fifty Fifty. Had to wash the oil down with a delicious Heavy Seas Gold Ale. Floral smell, yes. Great taste." 1:03 PM

Interesting, I went from thinking the beer was "just good" to "great taste."


Heavy Seas Gold Ale
formerly known as Clipper City Gold Ale

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Heavy Seas Gold Ale (Heavy Seas Website)
Landmark Theatres Harbor East Bar Menu
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Website Information:
Approx 4.5% ABV
Deep gold in color with floral and spicy hop aromas. Brewed with pale, carmel, and Munich malts balanced with Cascade, Centennial and Hersbrucker hops. Well rounded, fruity and complex. Pairs well with salads, mild cheeses and pulled pork BBQ.

Beer Selection at Landmark Theatres Harbor East:*
Amstel Light 5
Clipper City Gold Ale 5.5
Corona 5
Flying Dog 5.5
Heineken 5
Heineken Light 5
New Castle 6
Sierra Nevada 6
Stella Artois 6
Kaliber Non-alcoholic 4.25

*This list was the menu posted on the Landmark Theatres website as of 20110129 and has not been updated to reflect the change from Clipper City Gold Ale to Heavy Sea Gold Ale. The menu at Harbor East does say Heavy Sea Gold Ale instead of Clipper City Gold Ale.

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