Ommegang BPA

I wrote: "Ommegang. Had that wheat smell the pale ale hop with a citrus smell. Taste was more bitter and hoppy than any Belgium I've had... Maybe I didn't understand the BPA style. 6.2% I didn't really like it. Not balanced. I might have disturbed the yeast..."

I think I'll eventually have to try this one again. My opinion might be affected by the beer's style. (It has great reviews on


Ommegang BPA

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Website Information:
Belgian Pale Ale

Ommegang BPA is our interpretation of a true Belgian-style Pale Ale. Taking inspiration from both sides of the Atlantic, we feel we've brewed up something completely unique.

BPA is brewed with 5 specialty malts and generously - though not excessively - hopped with three hops: Columbus for bittering, three additions of Celeia for aroma, then dry-hopped with Cascade. BPA is primary fermented and bottle-conditioned using our signature house yeast.

Copper-golden in color with entrancing effervescence, BPA forms a substantial, fluffy white head, giving off aromas of tropical fruit and citrus. Noticeable herbal notes and bitterness from the hops never overpower the balanced malt backbone and allow the estery qualities of our yeast to shine through.

We feel the result is quite remarkable. Giving a nod to the fine Pale Ales brewed in America today, though never forgetting its classic Belgian roots, BPA is exceedingly refreshing and well-balanced. At a modest 6.2% ABV this beer is perfect as the weather warms and the days lengthen, BBQ's become more abundant, and friends look to gather outdoors more. BPA lends itself to a wide array of food pairings; seamlessly with lighter fare such as salads and seafood, locally made cheeses and meats with spicy pickles, and never forget about your burgers and grilled sausages!

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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