Samuel Adams Bonfire Raunchbier

I wrote: "Bonfire Raunchbier. Sort of a creamy, nutty taste. Good stuff. I like it. Enjoy before February." 3:12 pm


Samuel Adams Bonfire Raunchbier

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Bold, smoky character with a smooth malty finish.

The first thing one notices about a Samuel Adams® Bonfire Rauchbier is the deep smoky flavor which is balanced by a blend of malts that provide hints of caramel & toffee sweetness.

Prior to the practice of kiln drying, barley was dried either by sunlight or over a flame. When fire dried, the grains were suspended high enough for the heat and smoke to pass through without burning the malt. As a result, this imparted smoky characteristics to the malt.

First brewed in 2011, Samuel Adams Bonfire Rauchbier first appeared in our Harvest Collection Variety Pack along with other fall favorites such as OctoberFest, Black Lager, Irish Red, Harvest Pumpkin and Boston Lager.

Flavor: Rich malt flavors of toffee and caramel, balanced with a smokiness that is ever present but not over powering.
Color: Dark amber, 39 SRM
Original Gravity: 15.57
Alcohol by Vol/Wt: 5.7%ABV – 4.5% ABW
Calories/12 oz.: 213
IBUs: 19
Malt Varieties: Two-row Harrington, Special B, Caramel 60, and Weyermann Smoked Malt
Hop Variety: Spalt Spalter Noble Hops
Yeast Strain: Samuel Adams lager yeast
Availability: Seasonal (Aug. – Oct.) in the Harvest Collection Variety Pack
First Brewed: 2011

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