Old Fashioned

I started out drinking an Old Fashioned (Glenlivet, muddled cherries).

I wrote the following: "[It] tasted bland. [It was] alright. [It was] strange." 1:38 AM PST

I was not sure which recipe the bartender used to make the Old Fashioned, but I'm pretty sure the whisky used was The Glenlivet. Regardless, perhaps next time I'll try drinking The Glenlivet neat or with a splash of water.

Afterwards I had a Black and Tan (Guinness and Bass).
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I wrote: "Muddled cherries. I think a little Jagermeister. Southern Comfort. An orange slice. Topped with club soda. I was given a choice of club soda which is traditional or Sprite for a sweeter taste. Nice taste, not strong." 5:03 PM
"It's what the bartender whipped up for an Old Fashioned. But I like the mix. It's reasonably tasty." 5:30 PM

Here the Jagermeister plays the role of the Angostura bitters listed in the IBA specified ingredients and the Southern Comfort plays the role of the whiskey.


Old Fashioned

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