Seven and Seven

I wrote: "7 and 7. A shot of Seagram's Seven Crown (whiskey) and 7UP. Good taste. I wouldn't really know, but I think there's more Seagram's than 7UP. Good." 8:58 PM PST


Despite my instant comment and my lack of experience with Seagram's, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I would prefer a rum and coke to a 7 and 7.


We're here at Buffalo Wild Wings and Josh ordered a seven and seven.

I wrote: "This seven and seven, I had a taste, is good. Better than the one at the bowling alley which used well whiskey." 8:00 PM PDT


I ordered a Red Stag and Coke.


I wrote: "After Brewer's Art (20121206), my friend and I went to Red Maple. First I had a (Bacardi) Rum and Coke. I later had a (Seagrams) 7 and 7." 20121007 1:00AM ET


Seven and Seven

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