Appalachian Jolly Scot Scottish Ale

Today I tried the current special draft here at Charles Village Pub (CVP).

I wrote: "[The ale] has a nice malty smell. The taste mostly matches the smell and reminds me of a brown ale. Wait, I guess its not as malty as a brown ale. I suppose it has a slightly toasted flavor. Then the taste eases off quickly. It's not so good after the initial three or four sips." 9:06 PM
I also wrote: "The beer is actually best sipped slowly, letting the taste fade in between sips. Its also quite sweet, almost fruity. The sweetness reminds me of complex beers that often have more alcoholic content. Overall, its a solid drink." 10:17 PM

Originally noting that the beer was called "Scott's Scotch Ale," I was unable to find the beer via Google search. This was a bit upsetting, as I recall double-checking the name of the beer with the server at least twice. Preferring not to publish a blog entry entitled "Unknown Scotch Ale," I called the bar (20131226) and inquired about a special draft I thought was called Scott's Scotch Ale. The person at the other end of the line said she remembered a beer by a similar name by Appalachian Brewing. That, however, was all the information she could give me. After getting off the phone, I did a new search and figured that Appalachian Brewing had a beer named Jolly Scot Scottish Ale. Not only was the name similar to Scott's Scotch Ale, but the color (amber) and flavor profile (malty and sweet) also matched.

Appalachian Jolly Scot Scottish Ale

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Website Information:
“Jolly Scot” Scottish Ale
OG 14.5 | ABV 5.9 | IBUs 18
Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case
Our Scottish Ale has a rich amber color which is pleasing to the eye. We use a complex bend of distinct caramel style malts and light hop additions giving this beer a sweet and malty flavor. “Jolly Scot” is a great session beer and a brewpub favorite.

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