Southern Tier Hop Sun

I alternated drinking this Southern Tier Hop Sun with the 90 Minute IPA. Doing so made the bitterness of the IPA and the citrus of the Hop Sun stand out.

I wrote: "This Southern Tier Hop Sun Summer Wheat has a lovely citrus taste. I can't put my finger on it, but I can detect something else in the flavor as well. Hmm... In any case, it's really nice." 8:58PM ET

Southern Tier Hop Sun

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Website Information:
Make Hop Sun part of your summer survival kit, and no amount of heat or humidity will get you down. This summer thirst-quencher is not your average wheat ale. Light and slightly dry, it is the addition of fresh hop flowers after fermentation that adds a necessary kick on a hot summer day. Hop Sun is mild enough to be a refreshing summer offering, but has just enough of a hop profile to keep your taste buds tingling for another sip. Wheat, barley, and hops coalesce in this superb session ale, a telltale symbol of fun in the sun. Summer never tasted so good.

FOOD PAIRINGS: particularly tasty with fresh mozzarella, berries, gazpacho, light picnic fare, BBQ.

AVAILABILITY: Spring/summer / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases) / 1/2 keg, 1/6 keg

STYLE: American Wheat Ale
ABV: 5.1%
FERMENTATION: Ale yeast, one variety of hops, three types of malts
COLOR: Straw, light honey
EFFERVESCENCE: Crisp, moderately carbonated
NOSE: Bready wheat, light hop aroma, lemon rind, pine.
FLAVOR: Balance of malts and hops, pleasantly bitter finish, light sweetness from wheat.
BODY: Light, refreshing
GLASS: Weizen glass, pint glass, mug
AVAILABILITY: Spring/summer / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases) / 1/2 keg, 1/6 keg

ALLERGENS: This beer contains wheat

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