Devil's Canyon Full Boar Scotch Ale

Devil's Canyon Full Boar Scotch Ale

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20150801: [20150908]
This beer had a nice and standard carbonated, malty taste. It was sweet. It appeared to have a dark red color. 4:45PM PT

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Full Boar™ Scotch Ale is deeply malted and caramel apparent with overtones of chocolate and a slight hint of a mild, smoky flavor.

Our Full Boar Scotch Ale’s proprietary malt blend, lightly smoked with peat moss, imparts subtle hints of chocolate, caramel and smoke in a beer that drinks astonishingly smoothly.

First-Class chefs pair this Wee Heavy style ale with the finest cuts of meat, yet it has been infused into everything from artisanal cheeses to ice cream.

Type: Strong Scotch Ale (BCJP 9E)
ABV: 7.4
IBU: 12

Bronze Medal 2013 – Triple Rock 11th Annual Firkin Festival
California State Fair – Commercial Craft Brewery Awards

2012 – Gold Medal
2010 – Gold Medal
2009 – Bronze Certificate
2006 – Bronze Certificate
2005 – Silver Certificate
2004 – Silver Certificate
2003 – Gold Medal

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