Snakebite (Old Rasputin and Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb)

While I was at BevMo I was asked to buy some Mississippi Mud. However, instead of buying multiple bottles I bought one bottle of Mississippi Mud and various beers which I thought would make great combinations (through a mixture of experience and research).

Among the choices, I decided to first combine Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb.

While it would have been nice if the combination layered, the two mixed quite easily. While there's a lot of science involved in choosing beers which will layer well, I just haphazardly poured the stout onto a spoon which was placed over the glass filled halfway with the cider.

One likely issue was that I just used a regular spoon (as opposed to bending a spoon so that it was inside the cup and parallel to the surface). If it were my own home/spoon I would have bent it, but I was at my friends place, so I just hoped for the best.

Apparently using a curved glass instead of a pint glass would have also helped.

One of the glasses showed some amount of separation.

In any case, the combination mostly smelled like the cider and tasted cherry. I didn't really know what the Old Rasputin flavor contributed. 7:49PM PT

First Note: I once had a Snakebite in 2011: Guinness and HardCore Cider.

Second Note: Some articles say a snakebite is equal parts lager and cider, and some say the lager may be replaced by a stout. A stout and cider combination can also be called a Poor Man's Black Velvet, because a Black Velvet is Guinness and champagne. Whatever the drink is named, it's a tasty mix.

Snakebite (Old Rasputin and Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb)

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