Stone Hop Revolver IPA - Mandarina Bavaria

The foam was bitter.

The beer had a yellow-orange color.

This beer was tasty, yet bitter.

Actually, the beer tasted too bitter for me. 10:42PM CT

[20170815 Edit]

Stone Hop Revolver IPA - Mandarina Bavaria

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Website Information:
A rotating single-hop series

STYLE India Pale Ale
ALC/VOL 7.7%
IBUs 80
GET SOCIAL #HopRevolver

The aim of this experimental, hop-centric series is to demonstrate just how dramatically a single hop can impact a beer. We’re going to periodically fire off a variety of single-hopped variations of this IPA for some good brewing fun! Empty the bright tank with one. Reload it with another batch. Rinse. Reload. Repeat. We invite you to enjoy along with us.

RELEASE DATE January 23, 2017
PACKAGE TYPES 12oz bottles in Stone Mixed Packs
WHEN TO ENJOY Drink fresh
FEATURED HOPS Rotates by release

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