Trader Joe's Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale

This beer was drinkable. However, I had a hard time determining the taste of it.

Initially I thought it didn't have a wheat taste, but I later thought that perhaps it had a light, wheat taste.

I went on to note that I didn't think the beer tasted flowery. 6:57PM PT

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Trader Joe's Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale

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Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale is unfiltered and lightly effervescent - more similar to fine sparkling wine than typical beer. Pale gold in color, it delivers aromatic notes of citrus peel and ginger that lead to a malty, mildly sweet, and hoppy flavor profile, and a finish that is positively palate-warming. With 7.5% alcohol, this is an ale to be sipped and savored, and will improve with age for about two years. An excellent "food beer", Providential shines alongside everything from curries to fruit pies to hearty soups. Each 750ml bottle (with a Champagne-style cork) is $5.99*, plus deposit where applicable, an excellent price for this unique brew.

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