Asahi Super Dry

Note - Received @ 6:49 PM PT:
this asahi super dry has a lager smell. hmm. the taste is... there's a citrus taste. it's actually decent. I'm surprised.

Bottle and Empty Chilled Glass (20180306)

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Bottle and Glass (20180422)

Note - Received @ 11:13 AM PT (for Amsterdam, Netherlands +9 hours):
this asahi is very light. it has a slightly off taste.

Asahi Super Dry

Bottle and Filled Glass (20180306)

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Empty Glass (20180306)

Website Information:
Refreshing. Crisp. Clear. Asahi Super Dry is our
premium beer. Fans around the world
have enjoyed the taste of this high quality lager.

Bottle and Empty Glass (20180422)

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