Pedro Point Hyggeweizen

Note #1 - Received @ 1:19 PM PT:
Drake's Cherryland kicked and was replaced by 21st Amendment Strawberry Mountain Jam. A 1.5 oz sample didn't really reveal any strawberry; it had a strange blond ale sort of taste. So then I sampled the Half Moon Bay Saison Sandwich* and it was very bready. Unsatisfied, I sampled Pedro Point Hyggeweizen. I thought, because the name was similar to hefeweizen, that it would be yellow in color. Instead, it was black in color. In any case, I enjoyed the sample and so I got a pint of it. It had a light smell. It's light bodied, with some carbonation and a taste which was not as strong as the sample. Perhaps the sample had more head and contrasted with the Saison Sandwich.

Almost Gone

After eating, I returned to this beer. It's light, like Guinness. Overall, I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. 1:58 PM PT.

*Apparently I already had this beer recently.

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Pedro Point Hyggeweizen

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Hyggeweizen | Pedro Point Brewing (

Website Information: (
5.4% ABV | 24 IBU

A rich, roasted chocolate wheat beer that is dark in color and medium-bodied. This take on a German dunkelweizen is designed to create the cozy contentment that is described by the Danish word Hygge.

Menu Description: (Dark Horse Inn)
Pedro Point Hyggeweizen $6/ 16oz (5.4%)
German-inspired chocolate dunkelweizen; rich, roasted chocolate wheat beer, dark in color and medium bodied

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