BarrelHouse Mango IPA

The beer has fruity smell out of the bottle. It has a hazy yellow color with suspended sediments. The head stays around.

BarrelHouse Mango IPA - bottle, bottlecap, half-full glass

Sip #1. The beer is refreshing, juicy, and has a mild carbonation. It finishes with some bitterness, like a grapefruit but less bitter.

Sip #2. I can't detect any mango flavor, but the beer has a sweetness.

Sip #3. I like the mild carbonation. It's just enough to give the beer a sensation, but eases off in an appreciation for the flavor. Unfortunately, my hands had a strong fragrance left from some hand soap and sometimes I smell the hand soap instead of the beer.

BarrelHouse Mango IPA - glass with lacing

Smelling the beer, it's grassy and indicative of it being an IPA. 12:06 AM PT

Sip #4. The beer is not bitter anymore. It has a lovely taste. Actually, there is some subtle bitterness in the aftertaste. This beer is very light on the palate; there is no stickiness on the tongue. My current nasal congestion is about a BM, earlier at the 2nd or 3rd sip it was between a BM and BE. 12:10 AM PT

Sip #5. Sip #6 (and Last; I took a bigger gulp because it was the last sip). Overall, I enjoyed this beer. It was excellent on multiple levels. It was not too strong while still being flavorful. I rate it 4.6 out of 5 stars. 12:28 AM PT

BarrelHouse Mango IPA - ride side of bottle label

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BarrelHouse Mango IPA

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BarrelHouse Mango IPA - left side of bottle label

You've just discovered one of the most enjoyable IPAs we've ever made. A crushable balance of citrus hops, mango goodness, and smooth finish truly puts this beer in a league of its own. Grab a bottle and experience how a mango IPA should taste. Cheers!

IBU: 45
ALC BY VOL: 6.2%
GRAVITY: 1.011

ABV: 2 out of 5
HOPS: 3 out of 5
MALT: 1 out of 5

Availability: Year Round
Taproom: 22oz/12oz Bottles and Draft
Distribution: 22oz/12oz Bottles and Draft

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