Crispin Artisanal Reserve The Saint

~I'm not a beer. I'm a cider.~

I had some Crispin at the Pratt Street Ale Fest and I thought it would be a suitable drink for Thanksgiving.

I wrote: "I like the Crispin The Saint. Yeah... Though cider is a different beast than beer. I hardly understand beer, let alone cider." 6:10 PM


Crispin Artisanal Reserve The Saint

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The Saint

Prepare to be converted.

The first creation by new Crispin Head Cider Maker, Bruce Nissen, The Saint is a uniquely debonair & elegant cider, a cider to convert skeptics.

Naturally fermented using a premium blend of fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate, and fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeasts, The Saint boasts a sweet floral bouquet that develops a yeasty, herbal complexity.

The Saint is uncorrupted by added malt, spirit or grape alcohols, and is free of added sugar, colorants, sorbate and benzoate preservatives, and is filtered cold for crisp refreshment.

Artisanal Reserve®. A small batch, hand-crafted, super-premium hard apple cider, The Saint is smoothed with pure organic maple syrup for a silky, sustained mouth-feel that develops complexity on the palate. The Saint is vinted to a 6.9 percent ABV for a full body, yet remains exceptionally easy to drink from the first crisp sip to the last drop.It's very, very good. The Saint has an elevated drinkability that is never sacrificed to overbearing complexity.

Cloudy Filtration. The embodiment of artisanal style, The Saint uses rack-aged apple wine through our cloudy filtration process. Discerning drinkers will find residual apple wine sediment in each bottle for a rich full-bodied flavor that's true to the apple and good to the last drop. Give a full Bottoms-Up! Tilt & swirl to disperse the apple-wine sediment evenly and to ensure an even taste profile through the entire bottle.

Website Information (Press Release):
The Saint

The Saint Comes Marching In

Introducing Crispin® The SaintTM

Elevated Hard Apple Cider

With Belgian Trappist Yeasts & Organic Maple Syrup

The Crispin Cider Company (Crispin) continues to take hard cider to a higher level with another new genre-breaking cider, Crispin The Saint. The Saint is a truly unique cider that uses apple wine fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeasts and is smoothed with organic maple syrup.

"Crispin has always been inspired by the truly innovative, and breakthrough, can do culture of the American craft beer industry," says Joe Heron, CEO of Crispin. "The Saint is our homage to these pioneers."

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The Greatest Adventures Happen Over Ice

Crispin Super-Premium Natural Hard Apple Ciders are designed to be enjoyed over a glass of ice for crisply satisfying refreshment. The Saint continues this vision and is exceptionally smooth tasting over ice.

"The combination of super-premium ingredients and hand-craftsmanship yields a hard cider that's very, very good, with an elevated drinkability that is not sacrificed to overbearing complexity," says Bruce Nissen, COO and Head Cider Maker - Crispin. "The Saint is testament to a rapidly evolving US cider market that is reinvigorating America's Original Refreshment after years of dormancy.

About the Crispin Cider Company

In addition to The Saint Artisanal Reserve Cloudy Hard Cider, the Crispin Cider Company also produces European-style Natural Hard Apple Ciders in Original, Light and Brut varietals, as well as an additional Artisanal Reserve - Crispin Honey Crisp. The company recently acquired the Fox Barrel Cider Company and added the Fox Barrel line of superior flavored ciders - Pear & Black Currant. The company is based in Minneapolis, MN & Colfax CA.

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