HenHouse Biere de Garde

20150320: [20150402]
I'm here at Elevation 66 and after having a taste of Esther's Vanilla Stout (by Elevation 66), I decided to "try" the HenHouse Biere de Garde. Having just had a taster, I assumed "try" would imply getting another taster. Instead, the bartender interpreted my request to mean that I wanted to blindly have (i.e., "try") [a pint of] the Biere de Garde.

Upon his pouring me a full pint, I expressed my confusion and according to the bartender, if I wanted another taste, I should have asked used the word "taste" instead of "try." Unfortunately for me, people do in fact use this sense of the word "try." However, I disapprove of his interpretation given the context.

With that being said, I made no complaint and was willing to "try" a full pint of the Biere de Garde.* The beer smelled tart, appeared to have a dark red color, and its head dissipated quickly. Giving the beer a taste, I found it tasted a bit like a Natty Boh. While it slightly tasted tart, the bitterness had more presence than the tartness.

Actually, the beer is a bit malty. Hmm, there is a strange taste. I guess there was also a slight alcoholic burn. 10:55PM PT

*I've never had a biere de garde before, I didn't even know it was a style of beer until today.

I didn't realize it at the time, but upon writing this post, I discovered that I had a HenHouse Saison on 20150317, just three days before having this HenHouse Biere de Garde.

HenHouse Biere de Garde

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*This might be the Slow & Steady... but I think it's the Biere de Garde.

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