Shiner Ruby Redbird

I wrote the following: "This beer was recommended to me by a friend, so while waiting for my pizza from Ledo Pizza, I walked myself over to Eddie's Liquor and picked up a bottle. I don't know how to describe the smell. I faintly pick up on something that smells nice. In contrast, the taste is bright. There's plenty of citrus and lemon.


Overall, it's refreshing and very easy to drink. It's definitely a summer beer."


I wrote the following: "[Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale]. The darker brew is Shiner Ruby Redbird and the lighter one is Shock Top Lemon Shandy.* Both are delicious. Though between the two, the Ruby Redbird tastes better and makes for a more refreshing summer brew." 12:19 AM ET

Firefly 2013 (20130621)

*The text references the photo I took. In the photo are two glasses, each filled with about one or two sips of beer. As the text describes, one is a darker colored beer (orange-red hue) and the other is a lighter colored beer (pale yellow hue).

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It's my first year at Firefly and Shiner Ruby Redbird is a great way to start it.

As of 20140514, Shiner Ruby Redbird is one of my favorite casual beers to drink. In fact, I also had a bottle of it two days ago (on 20140425). With its citrus flavor, the beer is a superior alternative to Blue Moon Belgian White, a beer I enjoyed when I first got into beer.


I wrote: "This Ruby Redbird is good, as usual."

After drinking the bottle, I shared a bottle of Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad.


After having a Flying Dog Dead Rise, I opened a can of Shiner Ruby Red Bird. I recall it tasting as good as it usually does, but I also recall eventually mixing it together with rum, coke, and peach schnapps.


While beer generally won't taste good when mixed with hard liquor, certain citrus beers, such as Shiner Ruby Red Bird, are part of the exception.

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Shiner Ruby Redbird

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A sink full of Shiner Ruby Red Bird and Samuel Adams Summer Ale (20140517)

Website Information:
Ruby Redbird

This crisp, easy drinking summer seasonal is brewed with tart Texas ruby red grapefruit and a kick of ginger. The perfect beer for whiling away hot summer days. Goes down nicely while playing hooky.

First brewed: 2011
ABV: 4.01%
Bitterness: 13 IBU

Firefly 2014 (20140618)

Available in summer in bottles, cans & draft

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