Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

I wrote: "I can smell hints of coffee. The color is dark black. The beer has a smooth and slightly watery mouthfeel. I can get a little dryness lingering afterwards. Overall, the Coronada Coffee Stout tastes a bit like drinking coffee black. There's some light carbonation. I like the coffee taste which lingers on the tongue." 11:44AM PT

Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

I also wrote: "Oh nice. After eating, the coffee and stout smell and taste is more defined. [Cafe 21]." 11:58AM PT


I wrote: "Coronado Blue Ridge Coffee Stout. There's a definite coffee smell. There's also a good coffee taste. My sister says that she tastes the beer flavor after sipping it, but for her, the overall taste is like watered down coffee - in a refreshing way. Josh likes both this one and the previous one (Angry Orchard Iceman).


I like this one more and more as the beer goes on. After finishing my share, I find the delicious coffee taste stays in the mouth. Solid." 9:27PM PT


Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

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Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

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Just as the iconic Coronado Bay Bridge connects our island home to the mainland, this java-tinged dry stout, brewed using dark roasted coffee beans from a local San Diego artisanal roaster, provides a bridge uniting craft beer drinkers with CBC’s rich, flavorful SoCal brewing traditions.


Style: Coffee Stout
Malt Profile: 2-Row, Crisp 45, Simpson R.B.
Ingredients: Café Moto dark roast coffee-10lbs per 10bbl
Hop Profile: Northern Brewer
Yeast Profile: Cal Ale
IBUs: 30
Alcohol by Vol: 5.40%
Sizes: Bottles: 22 oz. | Draft: 1/6bbl & 1/2bbl

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