Newcastle Brown Ale

I think Newcastle Brown Ale was one of the first beers I ever had. I recall liking it at the time. However, I've had many beers since then, and this beer falls on the lower end of the taste spectrum.


I wrote: "I didn't like the Newcastle Brown Ale. It tasted like bad beer."

Actually, it wasn't terrible. It's certainly better than a Natty Boh, but not as good as a Yuengling.

I had a Natty Boh today (20130204) and it was pretty good. Thus, I'll have to retract my statement about Newcastle Brown Ale being "certainly better than a Natty Boh."


I wrote: "This Newcastle is alright. Its quite light compared to what I tend to enjoy nowadays." 4:33PM ET


Before having the Newcastle I had a Samuel Adams Octoberfest and later in the evening I had a Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

Newcastle Brown Ale

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