New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

I wrote: "This New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout is delicious. I'm tasting more of the coffee flavor. But I think I do smell some of the chocolate. Oh wait. Drinking some more of the beer, I start to taste the chocolate." 8:02PM PT
I wrote: "My sister smelt the chocolate and it gave me a laugh because I thought she had already seen the bottle and was just being sarcastic. She mentioned liking it." 8:04PM PT
I wrote: "Leaving my glass of beer alone and coming back to it, I can clearly pick up on the coffee smell." 8:35PM PT


New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

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Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

Serving up cold and jet black, this imperial stout should be taken seriously for about one minute as the dark foam builds. Then, enjoy its velvety chocolate-covered smoothness and delicious aroma of sustainably-grown, locally roasted coffee.

Just the facts Ma'am...
Birthdate - October, 2012
ABV - 10%
IBU - 39
Hops - Willamette
Malts - Pale, Midnight, Barley
Fruits/Spice - Coffee, Chocolate
Body - Medium-Full
Aroma - Rich, with lots of coffee and cocoa/baker’s chocolate aromatics. Lots of roasted and rich dark malts.
Mouthfeel - Smooth lip smacking and mouth coating. Warm, boozy and slight lingering astringency from the espresso.
Flavor - Sweetness upfront, balanced with a welcome mild bitterness in the middle and finish.
Visual - Moonless midnight. Opaque black, with tan foam and firm lacing.

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